The Association of Eritrean Studies is a United States-based organization dedicated to producing and disseminating knowledge about Eritrea and its surrounding region. Through its official publication, the Eritrean Studies Journal, forums, conferences, seminar series, and social media events, the Eritrean Studies Association encourages the generation and dissemination of research in all facets of Eritrean life, including politics, economics, culture, art, science, technology, medicine/healthcare, and environment. The society serves as a platform for networking opportunities for its members and scholars interested in the Association’s mission. The Association has historical ties to previous Eritrean professional organizations and journals from the 1990s, with a similar mission. Membership to the Eritrean Studies Association is open to anyone interested in the Association’s mission. For more information or inquire about membership, please email us at eritreanstudiesa@gmail.com.

Overall Mission of AES

The Eritrean Studies Association has the following overarching goals:

1. Promote scholarly research on Eritrea and its surrounding region;

2. Serve as a forum for scholarly endeavors on issues related to Eritrea;

3. Publish and produce timely and up-to-date research results and other scholarly information related to Eritrea in all fields of study;

4. Organize forums, conferences, and social media events by which to stimulate and disseminate knowledge, and

5. Support members by providing a platform for networking opportunities.