The Eritrean Studies Journal (ESJ) is the official journal of the Association of Eritrean Studies. The aim and scope of ESJ is to publish original and peer-reviewed research contributions, review articles, book reviews on multidisciplinary scientific research and practices in the areas of (1) humanities and social sciences, (2) sciences, technology, engineering, data sciences and informatics, (3) public health and medical sciences. ESJ follows the tradition of previous Eritrea-focused Journals, viz. Eritrean Studies Review and Journal of Eritrean Studies. The journal welcomes scientific findings from Eritrea and the rest of the world that addresses Eritrea society’s challenges in humanities and social sciences, rigorous data science and engineering-based solutions towards the advancement of human, social and economic values of Eritrea in food production systems, and sustainable energy systems. The intended audience of the ESJ is academics and students, as well as general readers and researchers interested in Eritrea and the neighboring countries. The Editorial policy of ESJ is not aligned with any political view and will accept articles based solely on their scholarly merits within the scope of the journal. The journal is going to be administered as open-access and occasional in-print for special issues.  In collaboration with Publisher of The Red Sea Press, Inc. Trenton, NJ, USA, the editorial team of the journal will administer the publication process, marketing and its dissemination to the general public.